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  • 3D Printed Acoustic Holograms

    2016-09-26 21:31:20

    3D Printed Acoustic Holograms

    3D-printed plastic blocks can now be turned into acoustic holograms that generate 3D shapes made of sound, which could function like sonic "tractor beams," according to a new study.

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  • Da Vinci economic Printer

    2016-09-26 21:28:21

    Da Vinci economic Printer

    You are thinking that might be useful a 3D printer, or just want one and you are not willing to spend so much? Da Vinci, a company specializing in the field, decided to accommodate you.

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  • The future of 3D printed jewelry

    2016-09-26 21:25:20

    The future of 3D printed jewelry

    The Faberlab of Confartigianato Imprese Varese continues to grow, anticipating relaunched themes these days the Piano Nazionale Industria 4.0 Government.

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  • The microcasa printed in 3d in Amsterdam

    2016-09-26 21:21:55

    The microcasa printed in 3d in Amsterdam

    Made of former industrial area of ??the Dutch capital, micro Residential Urban Cabin module of DUS Architects is fully recyclable and was built thanks to a 3D printer and a purpose-built bio plastic derived from flax seeds.

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