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  • The common denominator is 3D printing

    2016-10-19 19:12:09

    The common denominator is 3D printing

    R.O.M.E. is Rome Outstanding Maker of Europe and Talking Hands is the best project submitted to the Call for Makers of Maker Faire Rome in 2016 and chosen from 10

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  • Sign language becomes voice

    2016-10-19 19:08:04

    Sign language becomes voice

    Translate sign language, LIS, in voice. This is what promises to make Talking Hands, wearable device designed by Francesco Pezzuoli and tuned with the Limix team (, consists of Dario Corona, Simonetta Boria and Simone Sileoni, in the race to MaketoCare of Rome.

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    2016-10-19 19:05:40


    A new economic model in a container to give shape to the collective knowledge. Meet the basic needs of man with digital fabrication techniques.

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  • From recycled plastic plugs to 3D printing

    2016-10-12 21:08:02

    From recycled plastic plugs to 3D printing

    We will experience to visitors as you get a 3D printing since the plastic caps through a new process that we have studied and mathematically validated through hundreds of hours of experimentation.

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